Jan 4, 2008
When uploading a php script on our server, if you manually add a hashbang and manually make it executable (chmod 764), then when you try to pipe an email to the script it fails.

If on the other hand, you upload the same script with NO hashbang and do not set the persmissions, then when you try to pipe an email from cPanel Email Forwarders, it will tell you that the hashbang is missing and that it is not executable... you can then click on Fixup Piped Program to allow cPanel to fix the problem, and then the script will succesfully run.

What exactly is Fixup Piped Program doing besides adding a hashbang and changing the permissions? Once the script has been fixed up and is working, if you copy the hashbang and note the permissions (764) and then try to manually add them to a script, it does not work... it only works when I allow cPanel to use the Fixup Piped Program!

Any ideas?