force lookups for local deliveries?


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Jan 20, 2007
Is there any way to force exim to perform host lookups for local users e-mailing other local users? Here's the scenario which is causing my customer serious problems..

I'm migrating my customer accounts into a cPanel server (from non-cPanel server). For this, I created 350 blank accounts and changed the 'A record' for each domain to point to the dedicated IP's on the old servers. I'm now gradually moving customers over and after each move, changing the 'A record' back to point to the cPanel server IP. The problem I'm facing now is that those customers that have been moved over e-mail their friends and relatives and their e-mails end up in the blank accounts on the same server because Exim doesn't lookup the proper destination. Instead of delivering the e-mail to the account on the old servers (since the A record points there), it places them into the mailbox of the new (blank) accounts on cPanel server.

I need to force exim to not treat local domains as local domains so the mail gets delivered to where it's supposed to go.

Something to edit in the exim config file?


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Jun 15, 2002
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While the destination domain is on the old server you should remove it from /etc/localdomains on the new server and add it is /etc/remotedomains (create the file if need be). Once you move the domain from the old to the new server, reverse the process.