Force Password Change WHMSonic login not working


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Oct 3, 2012
Romania, Transilvania
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Hy guys, si like the title says after i made a Force Password Change om all ower server account we have a lovely bug witch gives us pain in ower but.

Any of the WHMSonic users / accounts they ar not able to login to theyr account any more, they send them for force password change but they get http error 404 and still not able to login, so all the customers they ar on ower head because of this.

I`m just wondering when cPanel lunch a new release / update or make sompting new on the WHM dose they test all the shet as a custommer not root/admin ? Cuz i dont think so, for how manny bugs i did finded on the new EA4.. and i`m not just related to WHMSonic i say on the cPanel/WHM TWO.

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So, how do i fix this ?
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