Forced password changes, shared address directory and more.


May 24, 2007
We have just recently gotten our cpanel server(s) off the ground and we have started adding our first customers.

WHM 11.1.0
cPanel 11.4.19-R14379

As we expected, we've started getting some feature requests from customers. Below is the first batch of requests that we can't seem to accommodate, or rather, find a native(to WHM, cPanel) way to accommodate.

  • Forced password change when a newly added e-mail account is accessed for the first time.
  • A 'shared address book' for Horde. That description is a bit misleading. Basically, they want a link they can click in Horde that will display a list of all e-mail addresses configured in that account, an easily accessible directory of all of that domains configured addresses.
  • Multiple cPanel administrator log-in credentials. If a client has 3 people who will be managing their cPanel account, a separate log-in for each person to access cPanel.

As a disclaimer, I am aware of bugzilla and the feature request options for cPanel support. These are great and I have used them, and intend to continue using them. But, what I am looking for here as any input any of you might have for immediate solutions to any of the above. I've noticed that often times the community will come up with their own solutions before cPanel addresses/deploys them.

Thanks for your time.