Forcing DSO Handler on per-user basis ? Or dealing with "nobody" files


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Jun 29, 2004
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I'm moving my accounts between one server that uses DSO as it's php handler, the other that uses suPHP as its handler. The problem is that some of the account I'm moving have PHP configs being loaded in htaccess or have files with .php extensions that are owned by nobody.

Is there a way to force DSO to be the PHP handler on a per-user basis, or at least get those nobody-owned files to load? They're produced by a perl-based CMS that just generates static files, in this case with .php file extensions (so it can use some basic file includes).

All the servers I've ever worked with have been DSO so this is new territory for me (and it's a friend's server, and she says "I want to stick with suphp").



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

There are no native options available that will allow you to enable DSO on a per-account basis. Instead, you should try modifying the files/directories to conform with the requirements for suPHP. Have you check to see if the issue persists after ensuring all PHP files are owned by the account username? Also, you can use a custom php.ini file within the account as opposed to the .htaccess rules. The following thread includes some useful tips on making these changes:

Switching to suPHP

Thank you.