Aug 30, 2005
Just wondering if anyone has seen this issue on cpanel before.

I have a php file in a directory /public_html/gallery/administration that inserts and uploads an image. Straight forward stuff right?
Anyway, developed the system and tested on my local (laptop), uploaded it and tried to add a gallery image! the submit button will not submit anything. Its just sits there, big fat and happy not submitting anything.
So, I thought it may be the code, tested again on my local, all good, uploaded to my own cpanel account and works great.
Permissions on the folder is 755 and file is 644, standard stuff.

Any thoughts on what it may be, I know its not a programming issue as it is good in two other locations(seperate servers)

It will work if you go through via cpanel - file manager and use the link in the file manager.

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