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Welcome to the cPanel Community Forums! This is a place for users of cPanel software to communicate with other users of cPanel software. At cPanel, we are very proud of our community and celebrate its continued growth and success. While some cPanel staff do participate in these forums, our goal with these forums is to provide you with information about cPanel software while encouraging discourse among the user community.


If you are experiencing an urgent issue with our software or want technical analysts to login to your server to investigate an issue, please visit cPanel Customer Portal for more information on how to proceed. These situations are likely to be best handled using means other than forums.

Please search before you post, so we can reduce the number of threads about the same issue. There are two ways to search these forums. The easiest way to search these forums is to use the search link near the top of this page.

It is considered good forum behavior to search for an existing topic pertaining to what you are about to ask, before making a post. If there is an existing thread for the issue you are experiencing, please post to that thread rather than creating a new thread.

Our moderators, at their discretion, may combine threads they feel are closely related or perhaps discussing a single topic. This helps everyone interested in a specific situation participate in a single, more productive, conversation.

The search feature mentioned above does have some limitations. However, this forum is indexed by major search engines. Often you can type the following into a search engine to find what you are looking for, substituting "what I am looking for" with what you are researching:

Code: what I am looking for
If the most recent thread for the issue you are pursuing is over 2 years old, please start a new thread. The information contained in threads over 2 years old may no longer be accurate nor considered best practice for contemporary versions of cPanel software.


These forums exist as an active resource for the community of cPanel software users. Please be considerate and maintain professionalism while posting to these forums. Here are some examples of conduct that is considered inappropriate by the forum community and could result in being banned:

  • Posting of an unrelated topic within a forum thread (e.g. requesting support for the latest MySQL in a thread discussing enhancement of the disk quota system as it pertains to databases). This is often referred to as "thread pollution" or "thread derailment."
  • Posting of account passwords or server passwords
  • Belittling or insulting another user
  • Posting of obscene or pornographic material
  • Posting of libelous, defamatory or illegal content
  • Making multiple posts regarding a single issue
  • Posting intentionally misleading or damaging information
  • Posting ads, employment offers, or links for site promotion

Be mindful that any information posted to these forums is considered open for use by any visitor to these forums. Therefore, do not post any information within these forums that cannot be reproduced without consent.

Forum rules are enforced at the discretion of cPanel and the moderators of these forums. By using these forums, you agree to these terms and conditions. cPanel reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, the content of these forums, access rights to these forums, or any other part of these forums at any time.

To maintain a welcoming community while combating the ever present threat of spam, new user accounts are not permitted to modify profile until becoming more active on the forums, by posting.

Posts to the Feature Requests forums should be limited to one unique request per thread. Separating each unique feature request into a dedicated thread will ensure individual ideas for new or enhanced features benefit from equal attention and maximum visibility. This also allows the request to receive relevant feedback organized within a single thread, and are able to be fairly evaluated and openly discussed without confusion between different or combined requests.
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