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Dec 28, 2001
Welcome to the cPanel Community Forums. These forums are a place for users of cPanel software to communicate with other users of cPanel software. We at cPanel are very proud of our community and celebrate its growth and success. From time to time, cPanel staff will be involved in the community however, this is not an official channel of communication to or from cPanel.

If you are having an issue with your cPanel software you will need to follow the proper channels if you wish to contact cPanel. You can find instructions for submitting support requests at and contact information at:

Note that we at cPanel will not always be actively viewing these forums and that issues that exist as a multi page thread may have not been brought to our attention. If you are having problems, you should follow the instructions at to help resolve your issue.

Advertisements and Job offers will need to go in the Ads & Offers and Jobs areas. Ads, job offers, and other types of offers will be removed from other areas of the forums. Posting advertisements outside of the Ads & Offers section is ground for getting banned from the forums.

cPanel License Sales/Offers may only be posted by authorized cPanel distributors. Any other offers/sales on licenses will be removed.

Use the Search Feature
There is a lot of information saved within the threads of these forums. Use the Search feature before posting a new thread. You'll be amazed by what you can find.

Play Nicely
These forums exist to be an active resource for the community of cPanel software users. If you are found to be acting outside of what our moderators consider appropriate conduct, you may be banned from the forums.

In no way should any user:

  • Belittle or insult another user
  • Post any obscene or pornographic material
  • Post any libelous, defamatory or illegal content
  • Post about an issue before using the search function
  • Post multiple topics about one issue
  • Post intentionally misleading or damaging information

Any information posted in these forums is considered open for use by any visitor to these forums. Do not post information within these forums that cannot be reproduced without license.

It is at the discretion of cPanel and the moderators of these forums to enforce the rules and regulations of these forums. By using these forums, you agree to these terms and conditions. cPanel reserves the right to changes these terms and conditions, the content of these forums, access rights to these forums, or any other part of these forums at any time.
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