forum that will let me check to see if someone is a fraud


Feb 16, 2002

Does anyone else get a large amout of order from people with valid but stolen credit cards?

Is there a website where i can check someonese name, email, named used on card, exp date, 3 dig number etc, when i get an order that looks suspicious?

I know alot of people out there sign up with a stolen credit card, then spam, or run egg drop and the move to another hosting company with that same info!

Any one know of such as site?

First Faze

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Jan 30, 2002
Run your security more tight if you have more fraud, for example, I request the following info for all credit card order sign ups (depends on case to case, but if it seems like fraud, this will prevent it, yes... it is a little more work for the customer, but if they like your services, they will do it)

Request a faxed copy of the front and back of credit card

Signature on YOUR TOS

Possibly a copy of there drivers license or valid state ID

You get the idea.

Have a nice day, and good luck with your fraud :)

(Ever since I implemented a method like this, my fraud rate has gone down 75% - I possibly lost 10 customers, at most that probably were NOT fraud)