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Jan 31, 2005
in one of our server if some one send mails to a particular id , that particular mail is sending again to forwader email id ex: [email protected] is my id , i set a forwader to this mail id (forwaded all mails to [email protected]), when ever some one send a mail to my orginal id([email protected]) the same mail is sending again again to my forwaded id,is there any particular scripts to fix these type of forwader problems server wide , thanks in advace


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Jan 22, 2005
The behaviour you seem to be describing is how things should work.

If you create a forwarder for an address for which there is also a local mailbox, mail should be delivered to both the local mailbox and the destination of the forwarder.

If you don't want mail deilvered to the local mailbox, remove the mailbox. Mail will then only go to the destination of the forwarder.