Denis Gomes Franco

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Sep 3, 2018
Tupã, São Paulo, Brazil
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All my accounts have SpamAssassin enabled and with a very low threshold (really getting lots of spam). SpamAssassin is now working as expected, catching a lot of it.

However there is one account that only has a forwarder address sending mails to another account (eg: [email protected] to [email protected]). That forwarder address is getting a bit of spam and Cpanel seems to be delivering all of it, eg., it doesn't seem that Spamassassin is checking incoming mail on [email protected] even though is configured exactly like the other accounts.

Or perhaps is skipping spam checking after seeing that it is coming from another, local account (

Or these spammers are really clever and can get past through SpamAssassin quite easily, but that's weird since this seems to happen only on this account. Might be wrong on this one though, and maybe I just need to increase the threshold even further (it's at 2.5 currently).


Also, how do I see the spam analysis results of a message that's been delivered already?

And by the way, do SpamAssassin learn by analyzing messages in user's spam folders? That's a nice function that's available on Plesk.