William Morton

May 27, 2018
Dallas, TX
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Website Owner
I'm coming from ~8 years on Plesk, and there it was simple to create a new account/domain and (rather than host it) simply forward it to another URL. When adding the domain, it gave you the options to physically host or forward, where you entered a URL.

I've reviewed the article on "Setup Edit Domain Forwarding" but this seems to require a new/additional IP address. I'm trying to set up popularproduct.com to forward to mystore.com/products/popularproduct, but can't find the best/easiest way to do this...?


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello William,

With cPanel & WHM, you'd need to add the domain name you want to forward as an addon domain name to the account associated with the domain name you are forwarding it to. When configuring the addon domain name, you'd set the document root to the path where the contents of the web page you want to load are stored. Does that work for what you are looking to accomplish?

Thank you.