Jun 6, 2002
It seems I killed my FP extensions by trying to use a FP feedback form and FP counter. I need to know exactly what happens next. Am I supposed to try reinstalling it myself in Cpanel?

**Warning: Installing or Uninstalling Frontpage extensions will result in the loss of all .htaccess files in your web area. Any directories you have protected with WebProtect will become unprotected until you reprotect them**

OK, I have no problem with the WebProtect but what does it mean exactly that I'd lose all of my .htaccess files. Does it mean I'd have to totally reupload my site? Those of us on server 10 of my webhost just lost our sites, I really don't want to go thru this again. =-( but if necessary...

Does just simple FP editing and uploading kill the extensions or is it just using the includes and such?

I thank you for any help I can get.



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Dec 11, 2001

First Make sure you really need to reinstall FP ext.

Re-installing the EXT will not force you to upload the site again, it will over write .htaccess files which are used to Authenticate any permission to your web site.

so 99% it would be safe to do it, if you can just make a back up copy of your current .htaccess in main root