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Dec 10, 2003
I'm losing my hair at gallactic speeds for the past 20 days.
Our company purchased 2 cpanel licenses to move from enXim to cpanel, and we've setup a transitional server running FreeBSD 4.9.

The story begins...

Followed the freebsd setup advices and instructions in the documentation and the forums threads, never got able to setup cpanel for 100% reliability... even the stable, not talking about release and edge versions...

Yesterday cpanel has released a new version of the installer instead of the old 'cpanel-freebsd4.9-install.tar.gz' and likes... Well, I'm re-installing the freebsd box from the scratch for the past 4 days now, as all latest updates broke the freebsd version of cpanel...

My today's attempt:

1. install freebsd 4.9 from the scratch, using the following machine and setttings:

Pentium4 2.4Ghz, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb ATA100 HD.
This machine was running openbsd for the past months flawlesly so no hardware problems.

the hard disk partitions were as follows:

200Mb /
2Gb swap
10Gb /var
5Gb /tmp
60Gb /usr

FreeBSD 4.9 installed ok, and passed all my checks. NO PROBLEMS SO FAR.

2. Downloaded cpanel-universal-install.sea from the to /usr/home

3. started the install by ./cpanel-universal-install.sea

...[snip]...lots' of errors...[snip].... frontpage installation failed.....[snip]... mysql 3.23.58 being installed.. (?? was installing mysql 4.0.17 the day before with the old installer)..... another bunch of cpan libraries not being installed..... [snip][snip] "INSTALLATION COMPLETE"....


as a result, mysql-server is not installed, fp not installed, /scripts/sysup and /scripts/upcp don't fix this.

I'm probably top 1 person submiting trouble tickets with detailed copy-pastes of the errors, but max what i get is a shell access requests, then a fast login into the box and replies that they've sent this to a higher-level technician for a review... doh...

I know that there are several successful freebsd cpanel users here, anyone can help me out to get this up and running?