FreeBSD & LInux Questions (apache, Tomcat, billing etc...)


Nov 23, 2003

I am looking at purchasing CPANEL, however I have a few things I need to know first.

I currently run OpenBSD - sadly you do not support OpenBSD, however I am willing to use FreeBSD.

Does FreeBSD support Tomcat ?
Has anyone here been able to set up FreeBSD with Tomcat and frontpage extensions working ?

Does cpanel come with a billing system that works with payment gateways such as VeriSign or do I bill my users separately from cpanel ?

Will VIRTUAL email be set up for my current hostname also ?
Say my domain name for the IP with which the IP resolves to, is
[email protected] will be treated as a virtual user yes ?

Does CPANEL monitor INBOUND & OUTBOUND separately or can it only report the total used ?

If I am only using FTP, POP3, SMTP and HTTP wiht CPANEL, do I have to leave the other ports open or can I close them ?
To close them do I do this through the cpanel interface or must I actually set up a firewall that blocks those ports to outside access ?

How much longer before you support Solaris ?
Will this be for x86 or only for SPARC ?

If I want to set up something in the apache configuration files MANUALLY - as in, if I want to set up an account that isn't VISIBLE through CPANEL, but is a site that works through APACHE, can I manually edit the apache configuration files ? If so, are they located in default /usr/local/ locations or does cpanel install APACHE elsewhere ?

To UPDATE to latest versions of any of the software that I"m running through CPANEL such as EXIM or APACHE, is this done through the INTERFACE also or not ?

LASTLY :) Finally :)
Does each CLIENT have access to CHANGE name server details ?