FreeBSD Packages in WHM/Transfers


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Mar 11, 2003
I copied several packages and a few test accounts from a WHM 8.8.0 cPanel 8.8.0-S74 RH9 to a WHM 8.8.0 cPanel 8.8.0-S73 FreeBSD 4.9R box. When I go to edit packages or create accounts no packages are found/displayed.

Any idea why?

/var/cpanel/packages did not exist on the FreeBSD box so I created it repeated the process and still no packages are visible/displayed. The two test accounts I transferred display their plan names in list accounts but required me to set the quotas manually for each.

I'm going to put a ticket in for all the problems with the WHM transfer to FreeBSD.

Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated . . .
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