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Jul 28, 2004
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Since many FreeBSD machines do not have a firewall by default enabled (unlike most Linux systems where iptables is automatically enabled and running), I wanted to post a couple of guides I've created for pf. The first guide is on basic understanding of pf and how-to enable it, while the second is on building a pf configuration on a hosting machine running websites.

Since I'm relatively new to pf and FreeBSD as well, I am certain there are improvements that could be made for both guides, especially the building a pf configuration one. If anyone has suggestions or comments, please let me know.

While this isn't directly related to cPanel options, having a firewall on FreeBSD systems is a needed security measure on any system with online websites. My FreeBSD machine is running cPanel, so the options I've noted in my guide will work under cPanel.

Guide One - pf Guide on FreeBSD - errorCodex - Computer Questions & Solutions Forum
Guide Two - Building a pf Configuration on FreeBSD - errorCodex - Computer Questions & Solutions Forum
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