Jul 17, 2007

I'm trying to install cPanel for a client in 4 VPS and he wants the current STABLE version ( As explained here I have created the file /etc/cpupdate.config and defined CPANEL=stable but when I launch the setup, it automatically installs the RELEASE version (11.36)

I did the same thing in 2 VPS and it worked after trying many times, I'm now installing the 3rd one and I still have the 11.36 version installed. Can you tell me what's wrong please?

This is the part when the version shows the first time during the setup :
2013-03-16 04:39:10 1359 ( WARN): Warning: Overwriting TIERS
2013-03-16 04:39:10 1364 (DEBUG): Retrieving to TIERS
2013-03-16 04:39:11 129 ( INFO): Installing LTS version 11.36

Thank you

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I have solved the issue, the setup doesn't take the version from the file because the name was incorrect, for cPanel 11.34 the file should be named /etc/cpupdate.conf as explained here

Thank you