Fresh install WHM, migrate accounts paper_lantern show old x3


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On new server, fresh install over Centos 7, WHM 54.0 (build 18) , I've migrated accounts form other server.
All accounts has on /var/cpanel/users/user RS=paper_lantern, and user see on his cpanel paper_latern un url, but user see old x3 panel

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I do not speak about customization. I just want the subject shown by the original 100% WHM, called paper_latern

On the other hand, maybe it's my difficulty with English, but the manuals in the documentation section of WHM / Cpanel available are strong, hard. I am a programmer and certainly manuals are made for geeks.


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Oct 1, 2013
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We have 2 versions of paper lantern showing!
The new nice one, and one that you say is a "retro" style resembling X3.
How does a user change to use the real new paper lantern ? In his CPanel, the dropdown has 'paper lantern' selected. The only other choice is X3. I tried switching to X3 then back to Paper Lantern. Still didn't get the new one.

Will you bring back the dropdown for root/reseller to switch to another account in the new paper lantern? We use that lots.


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May 20, 2003
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I believe you'll need to check the Package the account is on, and edit it to use Paper Lantern. Assuming when you check it it still shows x3 as being the default for that Package.

The Switch Account tool can be found while in a Reseller account, click the 3rd icon down, The Dashboard, on left side of your cPanel.