Fresh installation v96 - MariaDB missing


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Mar 17, 2013
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I'm on a new installation of v96 on CentOS 8 and when I go to select MariaDB update, only MySQL 8 it's available.

I understand that when you choose one branch (MySQL or MariaDB) there's not possible change, but why on fresh installation the user cannot choose it?

Also, the default database for RHEL 8 it's MariaDB and not MySQL, so.. why are MySQL by default in cPanel?

I suggest that on installation process, this should be asked, I think add this question on installation it's a very easy way to do it, because we now are tied to MySQL, we want it or not.

It's impossible to change it? We have not yet any website on system.

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! There is always a lot of discussion that goes into choosing a default version, and a lot of research happens before that is put in place.

You can customize the cPanel installation by creating a file before cPanel is installed as outlined here:

and that will ensure the installer chooses the MySQL/MariaDB version you wish.

There is not a supported way to change that after the installation since that is considered a downgrade.
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