fresh WHM Install -- require root password????


Mar 29, 2010
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Hi all,

i just installed a fresh copy of WHM onto my vps. and right now i am using centos 5 32-bit. but i have also used 64-bit. which is better for 512 ram 2GB burst?

thats on a side note. here is the main question:

i just installed cpanel on a fresh install of centos 5 because everything was hacked before. so i reinstalled everything, but when i go to configure the initial WHM setup, it gives me the login screen asking to login. however, i havent even configured anything. and im using http://ip:2086 as the url to configure everything. i guess i am quite confused as to what to do. what is the defualt root password for whm? is it the same as the servers root password? cuz if it is, then even then it will not let me login via root | server password. so how can i fix this error? i need some help. and quick.

thanks for all that help.


Oct 19, 2007
Make sure you clean up your cache/temporarily files from your browser. After that try change your root's password in command line using the command /scripts/realchpass. Finally restart your cpanel, service cpanel restart. Try login to your WHM as root with the new password.


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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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WHM password is the root password

The WebHost Manager root password is the server's root password. There is no distinction, because the WHM uses the root system user.

If you are still not able to log in, please submit a ticket so that we may look at your server directly. There are several reasons why you would not be able to log into the WHM, and it would be best if we can log into your server to investigate.