From Ensim domain alias to cPanel domain mail forwarder - user logins


Mar 4, 2011
Hi -

We started moving sites from our old Ensim servers to WHM/Cpanel. We have run into some problems where customers using multiple domain names are concerned. I'll try to explain and hope not to confuse you!

On Ensim, customer was able to login for mail as [email protected], which was an alias for [email protected]

On Cpanel, when customer tries to pop mail with [email protected], there's an authentication error. They are only able to get mail as [email protected].

This particular company has many users, and 5 different domains they use for various divisions. They are quite upset at the prospect of having to change their mail logins to [email protected]. So upset, in fact, that if they have to do that, they're going to move their sites to another hosting provider.

So, my question is, how can we enable the ability for them to check mail as [email protected] (or domain3 and so on)? Or will we have to set up separate domains and separate out all the users for all of these? That would also be a nightmare.



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Oct 14, 2008
Is there a possibility of submitting a ticket and allowing us to look at the source and destination accounts? I have heard some mention of these alias issues, but have not seen this first hand.

At first thought, I can only consider moving them manually to directories and updating the password and other associated files accordingly. If you do submit a ticket, please paste the number here. I am quite interested in finding a better workaround for the described behavior.