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from Plesk to Cpanel

Discussion in 'Migrate to cPanel' started by nazimerg, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. nazimerg

    nazimerg Registered

    Dec 2, 2011
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    Root Administrator
    Hello there,

    I would like to migrate from plesk 10.4.4 to cpanel last version but I have some problem.
    There are almost 26 accounts like that in my server and I can't migrate.

    Packaging the account: (/scripts/pkgacct fero** "" --split --compressed --mysql 5.0)...

    Unknown option: compressed Unknown option: mysql pXa DNS is zeitou******.com pXa Grabbing crontab for....Done pXa Copying password...Done Fetching psa userid using v5 method v5 PSA UID: 21 PSA UID: 21 pXa Copying mailman lists and archives...Done pXa Copying DNS zone...Done pXa Copying SSL certificates and keys...Done pXa Copying mail...Done pXa Collecting autoresponders...Done pXa Copying ProFTPd data...Done pXa Copying www logs....Done pXa Copying statistics...Done pXa Grabbing mysql dbs...The database list contains: fero**_portal Done pXa Copying Horde databases... Done pXa Copying parked domains...Done pXa Copying PostgreSQL databases... Done pXa Grabbing PostgreSQL privileges...Done pXa Copying home directory...Unable to map /var/www/vhosts/zeito******.com/error_docs/bad_request.html into cpmove-fero**/homedir/public_html/400.shtml: No such file or directory at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/lib/Filesys/ line 226 Filesys::POSIX::_find_inode('Filesys::POSIX=HASH(0x1179310)', 'cpmove-fero**/homedir/public_html', 'resolve_symlinks', 1) called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/lib/Filesys/ line 253 Filesys::POSIX::stat('Filesys::POSIX=HASH(0x1179310)', 'cpmove-fero**/homedir/public_html') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/lib/Filesys/POSIX/ line 111 Filesys::POSIX::Extensions::map('Filesys::POSIX=HASH(0x1179310)', '/var/www/vhosts/zeito********.com/error_docs/bad_requ...', 'cpmove-fero**/homedir/public_html/400.shtml') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/lib/Filesys/ line 122 Filesys::POSIX::AUTOLOAD('Filesys::POSIX=HASH(0x1179310)', '/var/www/vhosts/zeito******.com/error_docs/bad_requ...', 'cpmove-fero**/homedir/public_html/400.shtml') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/scripts/ line 817 Script::Pkgacct::pXa::__ANON__() called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/lib/Try/ line 76 eval {...} called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/lib/Try/ line 67 Try::Tiny::try('CODE(0x123bc70)', 'Try::Tiny::Catch=REF(0x1258210)') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/scripts/ line 821 Script::Pkgacct::pXa::script('Script::Pkgacct::pXa=HASH(0x605430)') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-FL45bJ/scripts/ line 44 ​
    1.69 TB free, need 0 Bytes
    Warning: file location not sent.. guessing.. this may not work ....
    Using the single archive method (/home/cpmove-fero**.tar.gz)!
    Copy Destination: /home
  2. cPanelMichael

    cPanelMichael Technical Support Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Apr 11, 2011
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    Hello :)

    Please open a support ticket with our staff so we may investigate this issue. You can open a ticket via the following URL:

    Submit A Ticket

    Our migration specialists are available 24/7 to assist you with these types of errors.

    Thank you.
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