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Jun 21, 2011
In a package by private company , my website is hosted by , and i received cpanel ( Domain Owner Panel ) ; as backend which is by default included in the package ,
however i don't have any information from my host about the license nor they will give.

I am using Joomla 1.5
Before making any changes to my real (live) website , i want to test and experience the effect of changes my team do on a virtual environment. This may help us make multiple changes independently and if anything goes wrong , our real (Live) website will not be at stake.

I am using oracle virtualBox on my personal laptop (Intel core i5) and want to install cpanel (and everything similar to what i have on my real domain) on any virtual environment.
All this i want to do is for a non commercial use. Please suggest me a way to do this.

Can i export my real cPanel from hosting server to my independent virtual environment??

Turnkey-Linux ( similar thing for virtual environment but provide it with Webmin instead of cPanel.
can i replace their Webmin with cPanel on the said environment?

All can contact on my public email ID -redacted-. Please give subject :"cPanel Support"
any response is highly welcome.
-Regards Fookraa Singh
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May 20, 2003
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It would be a bit expensive to setup a test server just to test your website changes. You can however get a trial license but you must have a dedicated IP address for this or cPanel will not work properly.

You might find it easier to simply install a second stage setup of the same website inside a directory of your existing account.

If your Joomla is installed here:
You could create a directory called stage for example and install a second Joomla there: