May 26, 2003
I am moving a domain from another server using Frontpage 2000.

Microsoft changed completely the way permissions are handled in FP 2002.

I have several domains set up in WHM using FP 2002.

I have a client who set up 4000+ permissions in Frontpage 2000 (yes, you read that right). If I had known what they were doing, I would have had them set the permissions outside of FP. Too late for that.

I see in the scripts directory setupfp4 and setupfp5. That makes it look like FP4 or FP5 could be set up.

Has anyone set up FP4 on a single domain, with FP5 on others? If so, what would the command be to set up FP4 for one domain?

Will doing this cause any problems with cPanel, including updates?

Any pointers / suggestions will be appreciated. It's a bit scary doing something like this on a working server. Support Ticket Number: Support Ticket Number: