Sep 9, 2003
I intend to upgrade to FrontPage 2003 in the coming months. Before I do so, I would like to inquire whether the server support all the new features in the new FrontPage 2003.



May 20, 2003
I believe I read that only Microsoft web servers will support the new features.

there will be no more Linux frontpage exentions. kinda sad, but they did cause problems.

here is a features table:
Q. I've heard that there are no FrontPage 2003 Server Extensions. Is that true?
A. Microsoft has continued to make investments in FrontPage 2003 to enhance the overall customer experience, based on customer feedback and the changing role of server extensions in our overall product offerings. As we examined our options, it became clear that the best solution was to create a new and radically more powerful server story—Windows SharePoint™ Services—and eliminate the need for server extensions beginning with FrontPage 2003. Today, the optimal combination for FrontPage is to use FrontPage 2003 in combination with Windows SharePoint Services. This allows you to access the entire set of new functionality in FrontPage 2003, along with improvement to the way you did things in FrontPage 2002 and other previous versions of FrontPage. For more information about these changes, see FrontPage server configuration options and features.

Q. Are you ending all support for server extensions on previous versions of FrontPage?
A. While we are eliminating investment in the development of future server extension versions, we will continue to support existing server extensions on the Windows and UNIX/Apache server platforms. We will also update the FrontPage 2002 server extensions to support Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS 6.0), but will not add any additional Web site authoring functionality.