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Feb 25, 2003
I've run into a strange problem. I have a site with FP extensions installed. There are some word docs on this site which a visitor can download through a standard link on a web page. However, clicking the link brings up a basic security box as though there weren't sufficient permissions. When I SSH in the permissions on these files are 644, as are others that do work fine. I've reinstalled FP extensions on that site with no affect. Does anyone recognize this problem? If nothing else, what is the command to reinstall FP extensions on the entire system? Thanks.

FYI: Frontpage Extensions v., cPanel/WHM 9..9.9-R70.

Update: This only happens with Word documents and I am almost certain I know what's going on. It appears that Word tries to open the document in a read/write mode and somehow hooks into the authoring function extensions, in the same way that Frontpage does. This is the same box that comes up when logging in through FP in fact. If you cancel the box, you can open the file. None of this happens when the file is simply downloaded. So, I'm better that Word is trying to play web author but have no idea yet if this is a new bug in the extensions or what. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Apr 23, 2003
this is related to the version of office on your actual computer (not FP on the server), if you update to the latest service pack for office the error should go away. You will find this does not occur with everybody who access the word doc.



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Jun 15, 2002
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I completely agree. I've seen this numerous times too, and it is indeed a bug on the local PC installation of office and nothing to do with the server or the extensions.