Frontpage Install/Uninstall in WHM useless


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Oct 4, 2003
After attempting to uninstall and re-install Frontpage Extensions on several domains... I noticed that nothing is happening in regards to the files in the users webspace.

When uninstalling, you would think the _vti* folders would be removed, and the .htaccess would be rewritten to take out the Frontpage stuff... It doesn't happen though.

After manually removing the frontpage stuff form an account, you would think installing it from WHM would recreate the folders and the .htaccess.... It doesn't happen though.

After much trouble with this, I finally logged into shell and typed:

After doing so, it asks you for the host you would like to install frontpage on... just type the domain:

After running that script, the files are successfully recreated and Frontpage will then work.

My question is...If the Install / Uninstall inside WHM don't work at all (except making changes to the httpd.conf) then why is it even an option?

Anyone, I hope this is helpful to someone else battling with FrontPage Extensions.