frontpage reinstall extension corrupted modernbill?


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I had to reinstall frontpage extensions after uninstalling / cleaning extensions. After I have done this, I am no longer able to login to modern bill mysteriously. Nothing has been modified or changed in any way to the server, modernbill, etc other than reinstalling extensions. I'm 100% positive it was working before I reinstall fp to the domain as I was in and out all day.

I restarted apache, mysql but nothing has worked. I even made sure it was not corrupt browser cookies by cleaing all cookies / cache and restarting the entire system.

I also restarted chkservd but to no avail.

I also updated apache with the same config I've been using for a while now, didn't fix it.

I restarted httpd in ssl mode as well. SSL is working fine however.

Ran /scripts/fixfrontpageperm - nothing

Any suggestions?
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Aug 11, 2003
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It would be useful if you could post more information about the problem, i.e. what happens when you try to log in, eg. permissions error, page not found, time out, etc.

To hazard a guess, I suspect you have ModernBill installed with an SSL cert. If so, then there is a current bug with Frontpage & SSL VirtualHosts that may be the cause of your problem:

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It ended up being php.ini having register globals off somehow. Was it off the whole time I do not know but I know I have not modified php.ini / httpd.conf (apache update as well) for at least 3 weeks and everything was working just fine.