FTP and Email not working properly


Jan 18, 2014
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Before I opened this topic I've spent a couple of days in order to search for a solution in the internet and forums, however since I havent got any solutions I thoughd its time for me to start a topic,


I'm just in my 15 day trial and I'm using WHM and cPanel for the first time on CentOS 6.5. Everything works except FTP and the Email. Basically what I did was just installed cPanel on my Centos and so made some domains and some emails and FTP accounts and tried to enter FTP using FileZilla and the usual Windows FTP. However the FTP client somehow connects to the server and then suddenly it has a timeout after or during logging in. Tried day's and day's but no luck. Also my emails wont be deliverd when its outside the local environment. But when I sent emails to an other email from my server, It simply receives and sends the emails? Could it be a firewall issue or??

I'm just litterly stuck and any help is appreciated.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I suggest temporarily disabling any iptables firewall rules to determine if that's causing the connection issues with FTP and email. If you use a third-party application such as CSF, you can simply stop the application.

Thank you.