FTP Bandwidth Limit creating high disk IO?


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May 15, 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Hi all,

Just want your opinion on this.

One of our client's vps servers is acting weird. At different times of the day it just goes sky high to 303 313 271 when using top.
Thats incredibly high and everything just becomes unresponsive.
Could not find anything in logs but what I did notice after restarting 1 service at a time that when I restarted the FTP service the load dropped fast.

After more investigation I found the following in logs:
home_page_all.php downloaded (4299 bytes, 70154.20KB/sec)

That looks like 70MB/sec?
If that is the case and constant FTP uploads and downloads from his clients could this kill the server on a 100MB link?
It's only uploading 4299 in the above case but was just wondering if this could indeed be the real issue with diskio beeing experienced on this particular server.

or am I looking at this all wrong?