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Aug 10, 2002
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I have noticed some issues using the chpass script in the /scripts directory in CPanel. These problems affect how FTP passwords are used. I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these same problems or if it is just me.

I am using the script:


where the arguments are <username> <new password>

I have noticed that if you use this this script, while you are using the ProFTPd server, that the last two passwords will work. That is the <new password> you provided when you changed the password, and the old password, the previous password for that account, will work for FTP logins. If you change the password using the Password Modification link the WHM, this does not happen and everything works as you would think it should.

If you switch your FTP server to PureFTPd, the current password does not work for FTP logins. You must use the password that was previously used for this account. This one seems strange, and it could have something to do with me changing the password on an account several times, while testing all of this out.

Also on PureFTPd, /scripts/chpass does not work. You can change the password as many times as you want, but the FTP login does not change. If you use the Password Modification link in the WHM, then the password can be changed and everything works as it should.

I don't know if these are issues that people are aware of. I don't know if anyone still uses the /scripts/chpass script any more. I checked on bugzilla and did not see any bugs related to this. I can submit a bug report, but thought I would check here first to see if anyone else is having problems, or perhaps I am using a deprecated script.


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Mar 29, 2004
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All that i have noticed is that if i change passwd from ssh for any user, FTP (pure-ftp) would not work unless i synchro the same from within WHM.