FTP configuration doesn't work using cPanel Instructions - I've tried umpteen times!!!!


Mar 15, 2013
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Root Administrator

I have built a site for my client. He has a hosting package with mghosting.
It uses cPanel (which is something I've never used before).

I am just trying to get access to the server using Filezilla. I've followed all of the tutorials (including downloading some sort of XML file - and then imported it into Filezilla). Nothing has worked.

I keep getting an error message: "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server"

I've built the site using Joomla.

Can anybody please PLEASE give me some sort of help? I just want to transfer his web files across to the live server and then upload his database (which is something I've done dozens of times before but NOT with cPanel).

If I can't resolve this, I want to transfer the domain away from mghosting or point the nameservers elsewhere (I don't know if cPanel has anything to do with mghosting - but I was redirected here....). However, managing a domain looks to be a tough cookie too!!!! Really frustrated!!!!!!!!