FTP Login Authentication Failed After Update to WHM and cPanel 54

AItan Roubini

Aug 19, 2015
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Prior to the addition of per domain ftp accounts to cpanel in the 54 release, you were able to login using any other addon domain within the same panel account.


Master Domain: xyzdomain.com
Addon Domain: xyzdom.com

FTP User ID:
[email protected] or [email protected] (both valid for FTP authentication)

After the 54 update, any ftp accounts where you have issued credentials referencing the addon domains used must have their own FTP accounts created.

I had to go in and recreate the accounts, and specified the same directory as before.

Hope this helps anyone running up against the same problem.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

We have had a couple of inquiries about this behavior since version 54 was released. Here's a quote from one of our analysts that helps to explain the issue:

Regarding logging in using user@addon-domain FTP accounts, this behavior has changed in WHM 54.

Prior to WHM 54, it was possible to log into Pure-FTPD as user@addon-domain, because the FTP accounts were not really specific to a domain, they were specific to the account that owned the domain. So user@main-domain was the same FTP user as user@addon-domain.

WHM 54 has a new feature that allows the creation of "subaccounts":

54 Release Notes - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Because of this new feature, each domain can have a separate FTP account, and so "user@addon-domain" is no longer the same as "user@main-domain". Because of this, I suggest one of the following things:

1) Change the FTP client configuration to use user@main-domain.
2) Or, create a new user@addon-domain FTP account, and then you may delete the user@main-domain FTP account, or keep it, that is up to you.
Thank you.
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