Nov 9, 2005
I've been fighting back and forth with the ftp daemons on my new server all day, it seems that the versions cpanel likes don't want to work on fedora core 5 with the rest of the software I have installed (so what's new?).

After completely failing to get pure-ftpd working in any shape or form I switched to proftpd as a last resort. After some time spent convincing it to work (the WHM installer refuses to install it, it can't find an rpm built for my system and fails to build it's own) everything works except logging in with just the account names. IE I create an account called test and that becomes my account's main FTP username like with every other cpanel server I have worked with for the past 4 years.

I can log in using [email protected] (like you would for an user added ftp account), but attempting to log in as test doesn't work.

It's a minor issue, however I forsee this generating many support tickets and would like to prevent that. Anyone else have the same problems or a solution?