Nov 18, 2006
i recently bought a ready made site off ebay (bad idea) and everything was going fine till my hosting people messed it all up and deleted everything and to top it all i cant get hold of them (technical support dont work and they dont seem to have a website), lucky i have a backup of the entire site on my pc and want to transfer it all back using ftp but here is where it gets a little strange.

I downloaded smartFTP to get my site up and running again but when i try to connect to the location that cpanel tells me in the ftp management screen it just says cannot resolve name, i tried using the url that i use to login to cpanel normaly and my user/pass but it dont work.

Do i need install any software on my webspace to get ftp working??? i looked using file manager and all that is there is 1 folder called trash.

can someone please help me.




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Mar 3, 2006
Unfortunately, it seems your host, or ex-host at this point has dns trouble. Your account does not exist on their server or their name server is down, etc. There is nothing you can do at this point but wait or move to another service.

try and see if your host has any services running.

Good luck.