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Sep 22, 2001
Hello, maybe someone can help me with this one.

I have a dedicated server with ProFTPd 1.2.4 and have set up an account with WHM for one of my customers. I can access through FTP without any problem, but my customer can\'t... well, actually, he can, but only under some circumstances.

He\'s using Windows 98 and a SpeedStream ADSL modem. He tried to login in his FTP account with CuteFTP, FTP Voyager v8.0 and WS_FTP Lite, but he only gets timeout errors. He can login if he specifies an initial directory other than /, but still can\'t transfer files or navigate through the directory hierarchy. But, surprisingly, he can login successfully from a DOS Console Window, and also from Dreamweaver, and transfer files normally.

I did a traceroute from the server to his machine and it was all normal. The traceroute results from his machine to the server are meaningless - that\'s because of his modem, but another customer hosting a couple of domains in the server has the same modem and he has no problems with it, so that\'s not worrying me.

He had ZoneAlarm installed. He uninstalled it and reset the machine but still got the same results. He has tried with passive and non passive mode, he has set a 120 seconds timeout, and still the same results.

It\'s an IP based account, and its FTP configuration is exactly the same as the rest of the virtual FTP hosts. I can login in his FTP account with no problems, but he can\'t. In fact, he has never had any problems using FTP - until now... so it could well be there\'s something wrong with the server configuration.

I am puzzled, no one else has reported having any problems with FTP on the server, and I\'m about to lose a yearly contract :(

Please does someone have a similar previous experience, or a hint that could help me solve this problem?

Thank you.


Feb 18, 2002
Zone Alarm Leaves Registry Entries

Uninstalling Zone Alarm is not valid for troubleshooting unless you also manually search and remove its Windows Registry entries.

I had a Zone Alarm problem once. I saw on another bulletin board a message that said that Zone Alarm leaves entrie(s) in the Windows Registry, even after it is uninstalled. These entries can still cause problems even if Zone Alarm is not installed or running.

He has these choices that I know of; Get Zone Alarm running correctly, manually find and remove the Registry entries, or reinstall Windows.