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Apr 29, 2015
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FTP services appears to have broken on some of our domains. We use filezilla as default but tried different clients with the same result.

The Filezilla log gets to "retrieving directory listing" and then times out.

I have tried the following options:

1. Switched FTP server within cPanel from ProFTP to pureftp
2. Tried all different options within Filezilla. sFTP does not want to connect at all (could this be firewall related?), and using normal FTP protocol I have tried all of the encryption types.
3. I tried passive and active with the same result.

This only appears to happen on selected domains, specifically accounts we created recently, so not sure if this could be due to a security policy within CSF?

I also tried to verify the logs of a domain which does not want to work. When going into cpanel to get the raw ftp logs I get a message saying there are no logs for that specific domain (which makes sense, we have not been able to successfully use the service for that domain).

Any ideas?