FTP & Subdomains - Confirm Delete of public_html


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Jan 3, 2014
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EDIT: I found part of this request here: Disable "Delete account and files" button if FTP account is jailed to either /home/user or /home/user/public_html


I'm not sure if this is a bug/issue or a feature request, or if i'm just whining. Basically there is a somewhat dangerous UX in FTP and subdomains areas where if the said ftp/sub is attached to the accounts public_html, its able to be deleted without [much] confirm when the "delete home dir" is checked.

Should there be more "are you sure" warnings there? Or a double opt-in if the path is public_html, www, account home, etc default dirs? Or a way to stop rm from running if you realize after what just happened (say you weren't in SSH atm)?

It seems too easy to miss and nuke the public_html (or any critical SNI multi-installs, etc). I realize awareness is part of the job of an OP, but sometimes all people make mistakes causing a hefty time consuming backup to be initiated.

What do you think? Worth something or just whining, haha
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Apr 11, 2011