FTPD, IMAP and CPOP down , can not upgrade cPanel


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Sep 9, 2002
When I logon to WHM after a while Iam getting following:
Timeout while trying to fetch http://web.cpanel.net/whmnews/nph-secindex.cgi?version=9.4.1-S65&os=Linux&osver=2.4.20-24.9...Unable to fetch Web Host Manager Security News. The News server may be down or unreachable.

The thing is that since like 30 hours I have failed FTPD, IMAP and CPOP so my clients are unable to get FTP connection or receive any mails. Reboot of the server did not change anything and cpanel upgrade failed too. It has something to do with "Unable to fetch...."

Tried to switch FTP from ProFTP to PureFTP but failed with result "Unable to retrieve file"

I placed a Ticket to cPanel before about 20 hours and nothing yet........