Full CA-Bundle being ignored; only 1 intermediate used.


Dec 3, 2014
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Root Administrator
Hi @webdsn

depending on the version of cPanel you have installed we actually host the CA records on our own internal system, so if you weren't able to get them either we needed to update the CA cert or your server wasn't finding it for some reason. That's why I wanted you to open a ticket but I am glad you were able to get the issue resolved.

Hello Lauren, et al.

I'm Tom with SSL.com. Several of our customers have had issues installing our certs in cPanel; the issue is that only 1 of the intermediates in the ca-bundle is being recognized. This occurs even when we submit the entire bundle via the web interface, and with multiple hosting providers. Is there a way to check the bundle that you have on file in the "internal system" to determine if that bundle is complete? There should be 3 intermediates in use. We can provide the current bundle, if needed.



P.S. LMK if I should create an account with my work email address. I used this one because I've had it for a few years.