gateway & broadcast + propagation period


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Sep 16, 2008
Here how my old server worked for a year:

It had broadcast at and gateway at
I had 5 IP addresses at that time

Now I bought more IP addresses and currently own 13 IP addresses. I want to add another server with nameservers

However issue is that place where I bought them from gave me them like this

So broadcast is and gateway should be

I connected as

broadcast and gateway and I was able to ping IP addresses inside LAN connection but not from outside

However when I put gateway then I wasn't able to ping them from inside LAN neither from outside.

Is there any way I could use putty to connect into my old server and connect from it's root user to new server via LAN to make changes in proper places?

Since I got new IP addresses should I change old IP addresses gateway and broadcast too or that doesn't matter?

How is propagation period working? it will start working when nameserver1IPaddress resolves to dnsIP1 and nameserver2IPaddress resolves to dnsIP2 or when and will resolve to nameserver2IPaddress and nameserver1IPaddress which will resolve to DNS addresses .. ?