General Question About IP address's


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Mar 27, 2003
We are renting a server from a company for virtual hosting.

Up front, they only gave us one IP address. I orgionally asked them if we could get additonal IP address's so that we could use them for addtional nameservers. They replied back and said that would not be a valid reason for an addtional IP address. They mentioned that there is some agency out there that gives out the IP address's and you have to have a valid reason for them to give them to you.

I am now needing to install SSL on the server for some of my clients, and would need addtional IP address's for each certificate. Would these be valid reasons for getting addtional IP address's? Has anyone else had problems getting addtional IP address's?

I thought I remember reading that some people start out with 5 or 5 IP's?


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Mar 23, 2002
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Whomever you get your Server from, is being very tight fisted with their IPs. Heck, I give 3 IPs to my Resellers, let alone what is needed for a Server. To follow 'their' rules, any IP request which includes a valid Domain name, cannot be refused -- and make sure to request rDNS for it as well -- helps with eMails being received by other Servers. If you're not sure what that means, they will, and it will be better for the Domain in question. ;)

Must be a real pain though, to get IP addresses, one a time. Most DC's give them in lots of 16 or more!


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Nov 9, 2001
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Nameservers should be a valid reason, also to meat RFC requirments each nameserver needs to be on a seperate /24


You want my opinion, switch hosts... this is going to be nothing but a problem with them in the future...