SOLVED Generate SSL for only www domain, not the root domain

David Digal

Dec 5, 2017
New Zealand
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hi there,

Is it possible to generate an SSL certificate in cPanel for only the www domain and not the root domain?

The reason is that as our root domains is pointed to a different server. This server automatically redirects all requests from non-www to the www version of the site. (It is necessary for our clients where we don't have DNS access).

The problem is that with AutoSSL and Let's Encrypt with cPanel, there isn't an option to only request a certificate for the "www" domain, and AutoSSL fails when the root domain is pointed to a different IP address.

How can we do this with AutoSSL + Let's Encrypt?
If it isn't possible, is this a feature that could be added into cPanel? If we could request a certificate just for the www version of the site, then the AutoSSL wouldn't fail.

Thank you for your help.