German language file disables SpamAssassin


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May 13, 2007
Hello all,

because I think that it is not nice to present german web-customers an english cPanel interface, I started the horrible work of translating it. I'm mostly trough, but found that I cannot activate SpamAssassin anymore. The button to activate/deactivate it is always labled with Deaktivieren, even that the other label is defined too.

And it seems to be the function that doesn't change to "activate" as a click on the wrongly labled button should activate SpamAssassin to. Same for Spam Box on the same page, the button always shows "Deaktivieren" and does excatly as it says.

Right after loading an english language file everything is fine again and I can activate SpamAssassin and it remains running when I change to german again, but still when I press on "Deaktivieren" SpamAssassin deactivates but the Button remains with label and function "Deaktivieren".

Any pointers/hints?


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Jan 17, 2003
Maybe its something very strange and all you need to do is call it Einschalten and Ausschalten instead for it to work.