Getting "Script installs need upgrading" emails. No updates needed in WHM.


Feb 8, 2012
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First off, we are using WHM 11.30.6 (build 3).

We are receiving "Software Security Notice - Script installs need upgrading" emails for our WordPress instances stating that our current version is 3.2.1 and the latest version is 3.3.1. However, in the "Manage cPAddons" screen there are no items listed under "Show all installs that need updated". Also, under "Show all installs" the latest version shows 3.2.1 which matches the installed version.

So the emails are stating 3.3.1 is the latest and WHM is stating 3.2.1 is the latest. Any ideas what the cause of the disconnect is and why we are getting these emails?



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May 20, 2003
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Re: Getting "Script installs need upgrading" emails. No updates needed in

Wordpress was updated via the Wordpress admin probably. Very handy, but does not speak to cPanel and tell it you did.

I have two testblogs in the exact scenerio myself and just forced updates via cPanel Addons. The system makes you paste in a whole paragraph to run it though:

I fully understand what I am doing and take full responsibility for my actions. I have backed up all my data so I can remove the installation, reinstall fresh and import my old info into the new install if necessary. I understand that anything that breaks by forcing this upgrade is 100% my responsibility.
I had a custom theme and mods on one, the other, default install. Neither blew up that I can tell. And cPanel Addons nows tells me I'm up to date.

BTW, it tells me v3.3.2 is the latest in cPanel addons. On EDGE and CURRENT servers.