Gid file /etc/vmail/ is missing


Jan 1, 2002
Imap problem

Imap has not worked since Oct 31, 2004. POP works. I checked /var/log/messages and found

“Gid file /etc/vmail/ is missing “

Then I check my Old system backup and found there was never /etc/vmail/ instead /etc/vmail/

I made one link
# ln –s /etc/vmail/ /etc/vmail/
I check email and works

I have no idea it is calling “/etc/vmail/” instead of “/etc/vmail/”

Any input appreciated
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Sep 20, 2004
squirrel mail still not working 10.0.0-R112

The original message was posted four months ago and still no response from cpanel?

bimal indicates he has found a work around but relying on this seems risky as you cannot count on the uid and gid numbers being the same.

Same problem (version 10.0.0-R112) except that for some reason, my cpanel decided to make the uid numbers and gid numbers different so I cannot just symlink them.

Squirrel mail works if you login to the acount using the cpanel account and password but if you try to login as someone+domain.tld you get authenticated but cannot actually do anything.

/var/log/messages indicates the problem is...

imapd[pid]: Gid file /etc/vmail/gid.domain.tld is missing

Yes, there are uid files and I have tried manually creating the gid files but they get clobbered by cpanel each night.

With all the cpanel systems out there, is no one using squirrelmail for user+domain.tld accounts or are just a few of us having the problem. Do those of you who have working squirrel mail systems have the gid files?

I am guessing that the simple fix is for cpanel to have /scripts/updateuserdomains create the needed gid files.

Seems simple for someone who maintains the system to modify the scripts to maintain these files in an official release. I could try to hack the files but even when I have been successful at hacking cpanel, it seems cpanel updates clobber the hacks before long so I 'd rather have an official solution.

My users want squirrelmail... help.