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Dec 13, 2003
I have an htaccess file set up in /home to be set things at a global level for all accounts. Everything is working just fine with one exception...

In the global file I have Rewrite enabled and several Rewrite rules. These are all function just fine for all accounts EXCEPT if a given account has additional Rewrite rules in its htaccess within its web root. In this case the global rewrite rules seem to be ignored and only the local ones are followed. As long as the user's htaccess has no rewrite rules, the combined effect of the global and user specific htaccess files seems to be in place and working fine.


1) Is this the normal behavior for htaccess?
2) How do I set things up so that the user specific htacces will always be additive to the user htaccess?
3) I want the user htacess to have precedence over the global in case they both set a given value (such as ErrorDocument). IOW, if both set a ErrorDocument, I want the vale specified in the user specific htaccess to be the one used. Is this the standard and if not how do I set it so that this is how it will work?