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May 21, 2018
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Hi Guys,

I've had a request from a customer who who wants to have a database accessible by all cPanel users on the server.

They referenced this post from many years ago:
Can a domain communicate with database on another account?

I tried using the "database map tool" and it produced an error saying that the database already belonged to another account.

I noticed that this wasn't always the case, it looks like the tool was updated to stop sharing databases:
Database Map Tool - Version 56 Documentation - cPanel Documentation
Database Map Tool - Version 76 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

I can still manually grant users access to the database by MySQL, but they won't be able to use phpmyadmin or see it in the cPanel.

Has anyone else had any luck in sharing databases through cPanel?


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @plesk4lyf

This was modified in v62 to only allow access to the cPanel user who owns the database, in PHPMyAdmin and while it's not specified in the release notes for v62 (62 Release Notes - Version 62 Documentation - cPanel Documentation) I believe it's related to the blocker on MySQL 5 and changes that were made going forward.

I am unaware of a way to achieve what your client is looking for with the builtin PHPMyAdmin tool, unless you're allowing access to PHPMyAdmin through the root user.

You might be able to install a custom PHPMyAdmin or alternate DB UI software but that may prove relatively complicated.