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May 26, 2022
Los Angeles, CA
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I am trying to use my cpanel email with gmail but I am receiving the error message "You cannot create a mail account for your email" whenever I go to settings>accounts>add a mail account

Some Context
Before my email was created in cpanel, the website already existed and I created my email in gmail. It wasn't until last week when I hired a website developer, that the problems began. To solve the issue, he created the same email in cpanel. Now I cannot receive emails when I am logged in to gmail. I can send emails from gmail, but not receive.

How do I fix this?
Thanks in advance!
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I'm not sure how much help the cPanel Forums will be for this issue since it seems like it's on the Google side of things, but we'll see if we can get you pointed in the right direction.

If you're using the "Add a Mail Account" tool, I'm not sure why it would give you an error about trying to create a new account, although it looks like other users have run into this issue: Trying to use gmail as mail client getting "You cannot create a mail account for [my email address] - Gmail Community

Normally you visit the "Add a mail account" screen, provide the email address and password, and that lets you connect to your server. Full documentation on that tool can be found here:

but with the errors you're getting, you aren't at a point where it is trying to connect to the cPanel server at all yet. It might be best to reach out to Gmail support directly if you can't get this working.